All participants should be individually insured before entering activeties organized by Arcticmountain (AMG).

AMG will not take responsibility for loss or damage to equipment, nor to injuries or the unmentionably and unlightly scenario of death of its participants. AMG will seek to take all precautions to prevent its participants from experiencing such scenarios as described.

AMG can not Control the weatherconditions. We`ll, however try to adjust the program to your satisfaction if the conditions overturns our original agreement for activity. Therefore, the payment for the activity stands.

AMG will at all times seek to be well prepared for the activities we organize. This includes knowing the area, update on weatherconditions and more or less predictable hazards as avalanches.

It is every participants responsibility to express their limits, and AMG’s responsibility to give a good description of the activity up front.

AMG wish you a spectaculare and safe adventure!






 Activity contract


· Activity:____________________________________________________

· Duration:_________________________

· Participants:_________________________________________________







· Price:________________

· Includes:____________________________________________________



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          For participants                                         For Arctic Mountain



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